In 1997, Dr. John Risley, a professor at North Carolina State University, forever changed the way he taught physics. He created WebAssign to enhance student learning and help teachers teach. Today, thanks to his vision, WebAssign partners with all major textbook publishers to offer a wide range of customizable questions along with easy-to-use tools that enable instructors to create the perfect companion to any physics course.

14 Publishing Partners

142 Textbooks

226,949 Questions

Tools & Features

Free Additional Content

WebAssign offers a broad range of peer-reviewed and tested physics content that is available at no extra charge to all users.


The physPad tool lets students enter correctly formatted mathematical expressions with symbols used in physics.

WebAssign College Physics and University Physics

The College Physics (1500 questions) and University Physics (1800 questions) question collections, authored by experienced physics instructors, cover every concept from each course.

Algebra Review

This Physics Personal Study Plan is a collection of questions, offered in self-paced format, that enables students to practice and master algebra concepts.

KET Virtual Labs

This collection of 16 lab-like activities enables students to explore physics concepts and relationships within an engaging experience that simulates a real introductory physics lab.


Press Release

Read more about the launch of our Physics Explorations with Direct Measurement Video Question Collection.

Video Tutorials

Learn how to create your own physics questions with our Question Creation video series.